Ankrom Digital Listening

Monitoreo y Escucha de su marca en tiempo real a nivel mundial.


Ankrom Development

Más de 20 años de experiencias en desarrollo de proyectos turísticos e inmobiliarios.


Ankrom Consulting Group

El mundo cambio, tu estrategia de comunicación debe cambiar tambíen.


Ankrom Digital

Experiencia probada en Gobernanza y Transformación Digital

Ankrom Real Estate





It is a business organization oriented to cover the business needs of its clients in the Caribbean and other regions of Latin America. Focused on talent as the foundation of the different specialties of the group, it is positioned in its business scope as a reliable solution with a high added value to its clients.



It offers a unique mixl of talents and specialization, in the hands of our Seniors Partners for the areas of Communication & Reputation and Digital, respectively. The strategic accompaniment is consolidated as the common denominator of ANKROM Global Consulting Group in both the public and private sectors.



The high training of our consultants is an indispensable part of our DNA. Quality human capital is our development infrastructure on which we build one of the best consultancies in the market, oriented to achievement in multiple sectors and areas of expertise.


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Steven Ankrom | El modelo de condo hotel, motor del turismo residencial inmobiliario dominicano

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Steve Ankrom | The hotel condo model, the engine of Dominican real estate residential tourism.